Over 3 days, hundreds of innovators will converge to share cutting-edge strategies and thought leadership on earning the trust of customers, employees, and communities. Join us for a timely conversation about trust, technology, transparency, and what it all means for consumer financial health.

Track 1: Tech and the Trust Imperative

As innovation continues to transform business, providers across financial services and beyond have more ways to learn about and connect with their customers than ever. Get strategies for using the latest technology and data advances to support customer trust, loyalty, and well-being.

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Track 1 Sessions


The Reality Gap: Understanding Financial Health in America
According to CFSI’s U.S. Financial Health Pulse, only 28 percent of Americans are financially healthy, yet 69 percent of financial services executives say that improving consumer financial health is a major priority for their business. Join industry representatives for a lively discussion on what drives this disconnect, what it means for consumer trust in financial services organizations and beyond.

Fintech Focus: Designing from Day One to Build Trust With Consumers
Building and maintaining customer trust is a key challenge for financial services companies of all sizes. In this session, meet leading early-stage fintech companies that are using innovative methods to develop and grow user trust from day one.

Taking a Leap of Trust: The Role of New Technologies in the Relationship Between Financial Institutions and Consumer Trust
This session will explore the opportunity for new technologies (such as blockchain, A.I, machine learning) to improve inclusion and consumer engagement through more transparent processes, as well as opportunities for financial institutions to leverage new tools to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and even return trust to consumers.

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Track 2: Understanding the Changing Consumer

Establishing customer trust and lasting relationships means understanding who they are first. With needs and preferences shifting for today’s consumers, explore new paths to engagement that can help you serve your stakeholders better.

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Track 2 Sessions


Innovation Across the Ages: Designing for the Financial Health of the 50+
Older age cohorts present a prime opportunity for innovation, whether through digital technology or other means. Attendees to this session will hear from companies creating solutions for older individuals regarding innovation efforts, decisions made, and lessons learned.

Local Impact: Improving Financial Health, Community by Community
Place is an important factor in determining community members’ ability to save, spend, borrow and plan. Attendees will come away with clear ideas how they can implement place-based approaches when looking to improve financial health at the community level.

Helping Consumers Save Today to Build for Tomorrow
As interest grows among financial institutions in enabling people to save, we’ll hear from a cross-section of established banks and innovative fintechs about what works in the savings space. Participants will walk away with an understanding of when people save, how they save, what they use savings for, and how these learnings can help inform better savings solutions.

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Track 3: Widening the Financial Health Aperture

When it comes to improving Americans’ financial lives, we’re all in this together. While financial services continues to have a huge role to play in impacting change, more industries than ever are stepping up and embracing their role as stakeholders in improving the financial health of their customers, employees and communities. Hear from leaders across healthcare, insurance, and other industries on cross-sector approaches that support customer well-being and brand reputation.

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Track 3 Sessions


The Role of Healthcare: A Prescription for Better Financial Health
In this session, we’ll discuss emerging cross-sector innovations that address financial and physical health outcomes, strategies for engaging partners, and opportunities to forge a culture that prioritizes financial health as essential to a person’s overall well-being.

Consumer Financial Health: Student Edition
In this session, we’ll explore CFSI’s consumer financial health framework from a student’s perspective and hear from the industry leaders working directly with students to help more of them find sound financial footing.

Double-Edged Data: How the Insurance Industry Can Optimize for Trust
As data collection in the insurance industry expands, privacy and security concerns also grow. Hear from companies and partnerships at the forefront of these issues who are attempting to maximize trust with consumers while minimizing risk.

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