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EMERGE Financial Health

EMERGE Financial Health

Catch up on key moments from our June 2021 virtual event, EMERGE Financial Health.
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EMERGE Everywhere Podcast

EMERGE Everywhere Podcast

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30 Jun 2021

Sarah Rosen Wartell | Urban Institute

Financial inequity and systemic racism are two of the most pressing policy issues in America today as the country moves out of the pandemic. Urban Institute President Sarah Rosen Wartell joins Jennifer to discuss the country’s progress when it comes to affordable housing, the labor market, and racial inequity, as well as the role of government in enabling individuals to thrive.

24 May 2021

Towards Global Financial Health Measurement: 3 Takeaways from New Global Financial Health Data

Stephen Arves, Manager, Financial Health Network Alejandra Ruales, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network The global pandemic and resulting economic recession have highlighted the need for better indicators to assess how people are doing financially. Gross domestic product (GDP) and existing poverty measures are insufficient to capture the more nuanced financial challenges facing billions of people...

22 Apr 2021

3 Takeaways from EMERGE Workplace

By Matt Bahl, Vice President, Workplace Market Lead, Financial Health Network The pandemic has made it clear that workplace benefits are evolving. As Harvard Business Review recently reported, the vast majority of leaders are planning to expand benefits as a result of the COVID-19. What should your organization be considering? We designed our inaugural EMERGE...

16 Jun 2021

Alan Murray | Fortune Media

After leading a group of 100 CEOs to meet Pope Francis in 2016, Fortune committed to advancing social progress by uniting leading minds at its annual CEO Initiative. As Fortune continues its transition from a magazine into a platform for change, CEO Alan Murray joins host Jennifer Tescher to talk about the future of the initiative, the progress of capitalism, and the need for greater compassion in business.

25 Mar 2021

The Future of Financial Wellness is Taking Shape

By Morgan Stanley at Work Description: As the way we work changes, financial wellness should adapt too. Explore these new ideas that are shaping the future. While the initial thrust into remote work was a crisis response, it is now being embraced by both employees and employers. In fact, many companies plan to maintain remote...

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Financial Lives After 50: Rethinking the Golden Years

More than 56 million low- to moderate-income adults in America are over the age of 50, with 13 million of them considered Financially Vulnerable.

Step into their homes to learn firsthand about their daily joys and struggles as they navigate their financial lives in their golden years. This video series offers an intimate look at their challenges, including savings shortfalls, debt burdens, medical shocks, and multigenerational households.

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Financial Lives After 50: Rethinking the Golden Years
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