Day 1

June 8, 2021

Zooming Out: Systems Change

Like all financial services leaders, you’re wondering: Where are policy, regulation, and innovation headed; how are they driving financial health forward; and what do the macro trends really mean for my financial services institution? Unpacking such complex topics in these uncertain times requires the ability to relay deep expertise in a digestible format, paired with actionable recommendations: two things our panelists emphatically possess. Enjoy an immersive, thought-provoking first day at EMERGE Financial Health, filled with panels that promise to energize, inform, and directly connect finhealth to innovation and the policy, social, and technological shifts we’ve seen over the past year.

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Alejandra Ruales
, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network

Who’s Leading Our FinHealth Future?
Corporate leadership structures are evolving to define new C-suite roles – like Chief Diversity Officer and Chief Health Officer – with the access and autonomy needed to secure stakeholder buy-in and drive real financial health impact. As the composite measurement of a person’s financial life and a common thread impacting quality of life, consider new ways to integrate financial health priority into your business. Systems, industries, organizations, and leaders are all rising to the challenge and opportunity to make financial health the lens through which we emerge from the pandemic better than before. Financial health must be more than a program or a promise if we are to meet the moment we’re in. It must become a movement, and the movement needs leaders who are accountable to its outcomes.
Jennifer Tescher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Financial Health Network

Building a Stronger Social Safety Net
Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, financial institutions have played a critical role in partnering with the U.S. government to provide consumers – their customers – with access to direct economic relief through stimulus payments and unemployment insurance. However, the crisis also exposed a number of areas where the financial services industry could integrate more seamlessly with the social safety net to ensure that individuals and families receive the economic relief they are entitled to as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. In this session, we will explore ways that financial institutions, policymakers, and industry leaders can come together to better support Americans relying on the social safety net, both today and in the future.
Jimmy Chen, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Propel

The Journey Toward Equitable Outcomes for All
Across the country, there have been rising calls for equity and social justice which have motivated many organizations to make bold commitments to improving inequities for their customers, employees, and communities. In this panel discussion, hear from leaders in healthcare, financial services, and criminal justice about ongoing efforts to drive equitable outcomes for all and the role of financial health in this critical movement.
Priya Sarathy Jones, National Policy & Campaigns Director, Fines and Fees Justice Center
Moderator: Darrin L. Williams
, Chief Executive Officer, Southern Bancorp, Inc.

Addressing Racial Wealth Gaps With Action and Innovation
Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach®, once had $100,000 in credit card debt before paying it all off in three years and turning her financial life around. Now a successful personal finance expert, television personality, and New York Times bestselling author, Lynnette joins us to discuss how racial and social justice issues have contributed to expanding economic inequities over the past year and share effective strategies for mitigating these impacts. This keynote address will also highlight opportunities for financial institutions to lead conversations, address disparities, develop solutions, and drive widespread impact for millions of people.
Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, The Money Coach

The Evolving Role of Fintech in FinHealth
As fintechs continue to explore their roles in the evolving ecosystem of financial services – some serving as vendors and partners for financial institutions, and others  as challengers or competitors –  how should we assess their impact on financial health? And what can ld legacy financial institutions learn from the policy debates currently focused on emerging fintechs? In this panel discussion, learn and share perspectives with financial health experts to start planning for the future of fintech and finhealth.

Closing Remarks
Alejandra Ruales
, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network

Day 2

June 9, 2021

Zooming In: People and Leaders

Day 1 focused on the macro shifts our society has faced over the past two years and the implications it has for the financial services industry. Day 2 will focus on the people and, specifically, on the disproportionate impact the pandemic and subsequent economic downturn have had on women in the United States. We will also hear from industry leaders who are focused on advancing financial health for their customers, employees, and communities against this shifting landscape. Day 2 will conclude with the Visionary Award presentation, where we’ll honor a global change-maker, who has spent over a decade fighting for financial inclusion and access for millions of individuals around the world.

Welcome and Opening Remarks
Alejandra Ruales
, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network

Integrating FinHealth Into Your Company’s DNA
A growing body of research shows that integrating financial health into business strategy benefits customers, companies, and communities. Meanwhile, the pandemic has left many U.S. consumers financially struggling, vulnerable, and in need of solutions. In this session, Scott Sanborn, CEO of LendingClub, brings clarity and fresh perspective to the process of building a business around financial health. Learn how and why LendingClub made the strategic pivot to prioritize financial health in all of its products and services, how it transformed into a “financial health brand,” and how it’s tracking financial health impacts across its user base to measure success. Walk away with insights to transform your own organization’s financial health business strategy.
Scott Sanborn, Chief Executive Officer, LendingClub
Moderator: Laura Barger, Chief Marketing Officer, Financial Health Network

The Disparate Impacts of COVID-19 on Women
Upheaval, impacts, long-term consequences – the pandemic’s massive disruptions to employment, childcare, and schools fell disproportionately on the shoulders of women, particularly women of color. In this session, a panel of experts will discuss how the cascading economic consequences of the pandemic are reversing years of progress in workplace equity, and may have long-term implications for women’s financial lives for years to come.
Salah Goss, Senior Vice President, North America Social Impact Lead, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth

Leveraging Customer Data Ethically to Advance DEI
Many organizations understand the power of data to reveal consumer pain points and gaps in product offerings. Data can also help organizations renew their financial health strategies to prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion. The industry is starting to uncover many useful insights in recent years, including best practices for sourcing, analyzing, leveraging, and protecting customer data. In this session, experts and practitioners will share best practices and a potential roadmap for financial services companies to use customer data ethically to improve financial offerings for underserved groups.
Rob Curtis, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Daylight

Our 2021 Visionary Award: The Role of Leadership in Global FinHealth
Please join us as we honor and share our special award recipient’s awe-inspiring story of commitment to advancing financial health. Joined by our inaugural recipient Dan Schulman, President and CEO, PayPal and the 2021 honoree, the discussion will include opportunities to ask questions about the role of leadership in advancing the mission and vision of financial health on a global scale.
Dan Schulman, President and Chief Executive Officer, PayPal
Jennifer Tescher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Financial Health Network

Closing Remarks
Alejandra Ruales
, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network

Day 3

June 10, 2021

Partnerships, Commitments, and Solutions

While EMERGE Financial Health’s first two days are focused on highly relevant expert findings and the biggest financial health topics of the moment, our final day will bring these concepts to life in bold new ways. The pandemic has clearly acted as a catalyst for finhealth innovation: Prepare to be inspired as we spotlight a few of the most promising and successful financial health partnerships, commitments, and solutions of the year.

Rising to Meet The Challenge: Innovative Solutions for Workers and Students
Practically overnight, millions of workers and students encountered new challenges to their financial health last year as the COVID-19 crisis shut down workplaces and college campuses, disrupted income, and more. To address these urgent financial health needs, the Financial Solutions Lab focused its resources on supporting nonprofits and fintechs serving low- to moderate-income worker and student populations. Join us to learn how these innovators responded to the challenge, found ways to scale their offerings to meet the pressing financial health needs of the moment, and forged pathways to drive impact post-pandemic. We’ll also introduce attendees to the Financial Solutions Lab Accelerator’s new cohort of fintech startups, as we explore innovations that are helping consumers to build financial resilience and long-term stability.
Moderator: Hannah Calhoon, Vice President, Financial Health Network

Bonus Day

June 23, 2021

MAP the FinHealth Future of Your Business

While EMERGE Financial Health’s first three days focus on financial health challenges of today and solutions of tomorrow, this bonus day of sessions will bring these concepts to life in actionable ways. Learn firsthand how leading financial institutions are securing buy-in for their financial health strategies, building infrastructure, and refining over time to drive better results. Through the framework of our FinHealth Maturity Assessment Program (FinHealth MAP), you’ll walk away with effective approaches, useful tools, and powerful insights for advancing the future of financial health.

Leaders know that a strong, clear vision rallies employees, focuses company resources, and promotes organizational efficiency. That’s why organizations looking to make an impact need a vision for financial health. Join us to hear how financial industry leaders have secured stakeholder buy-in to build financial health strategies, ensured employees understand and can rally behind a shared finhealth vision, and integrated financial health as part of their organizational culture.

Deploying people and resources to new initiatives is key to success – financial health impacts cannot flourish without the right infrastructure. From data that informs decision-making, to technology and processes that enable execution, and thought leadership that drives action, learn about organizational structures that can help advance a financial health strategy. In this session, learn what to consider when deploying resources at your organization, with insights from companies with unique approaches to building financial health infrastructure.

How does your organization measure the performance of its financial health initiatives? How effectively does your financial institution collect and use data to advance its impact on financial health and broader business goals? In this session, hear perspectives from other companies already measuring financial health – the tools they use, and the ways they turn the data into action and impact.  

Advance business goals by aligning your products and services to the financial health needs of your customers. Learn what works with insights from industry experts on the types of financial health support consumers want and need from their financial institutions.

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