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The Latest in FinHealth

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12 May 2021

Gene Ludwig: Better Metrics for Better Solutions

Few people have had a career as dynamic and successful as Gene Ludwig. In this episode of EMERGE Everywhere, this Clinton administration alumnus, financial services CEO, entrepreneur, and nonprofit founder joins Jennifer to talk about his lifetime of dedication to addressing inequity. Together, they explore the need for more holistic measurements that capture the true story of what is happening for everyday Americans, and how policy changes can encourage productivity while helping to lift communities up.

21 Apr 2021

Roger Hochschild: Discover the Possibilities

In 1986, Discover introduced the concept of cashback rewards on a credit card with no annual fee, transforming the landscape of credit for good. No longer reserved for the privileged few, credit cards became an everyday tool in most wallets. In this episode, Jennifer sits down with Discover CEO and President Roger Hochschild to dig into his passion for helping the underserved. Find out how his company is backing its words with action to drive real social change and bring about a better future.

07 Apr 2021

Chris Smith: Reimagining Insurance for Financial Resilience

Although adequate insurance is a critical tool for financial resilience, only half of Americans are confident they would have sufficient coverage to manage an emergency. Research shows that this gap has only widened in recent years. In this episode, Jen talks to Chris Smith, Executive Vice President of Group Benefits at Guardian Life, about new opportunities to modernize the benefits experience and promote greater financial resiliency for all. Most people depend on their employers for access to insurance benefits, and Guardian has been bridging the gap to help people protect their future and secure their lives for more than 160 years. Today, the company serves 29 million people with life, disability, dental, and other insurance benefits for individuals, in workplaces, and through government-sponsored programs.


Equity Compensation: A Path to Employee Financial Wellness

Employers are increasingly looking at equity compensation programs as a way to promote employee financial wellness. How can equity compensation strategy influence holistic employee financial health in a post-COVID world? Morgan Stanley at Work's Rodney Bolden and Andrew Lendnal discuss this important topic in an exclusive EMERGE Workplace video.

11 May 2021

How Embedded Finance Can Improve Financial Health Outcomes

By Mimi Joy, Director The use of embedded financial products, the offering of financial services products by nonbanks, increased dramatically during the pandemic. Often seen as a strong customer retention tool, and fueled by an explosion in digital commerce, the integration of payments, credit, and insurance products into digital platforms was a natural for a...

11 May 2021

Moving Beyond the Aggregate: The Financially Underserved Market Size Study Evolves To Become the FinHealth Spend Report

By Meghan Greene, Director It is an oft-repeated adage that “it’s expensive to be poor” because it’s true. People with higher incomes and good credit pay significantly less for many essential financial services than lower-income families. What’s more, Black and Latinx populations have historically been locked out from access to affordable services. But it has...

22 Apr 2021

3 Takeaways from EMERGE Workplace

By Matt Bahl, Vice President, Workplace Market Lead, Financial Health Network The pandemic has made it clear that workplace benefits are evolving. As Harvard Business Review recently reported, the vast majority of leaders are planning to expand benefits as a result of the COVID-19. What should your organization be considering? We designed our inaugural EMERGE...

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