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The Latest in FinHealth

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30 Jun 2021

Sarah Rosen Wartell | Urban Institute

Financial inequity and systemic racism are two of the most pressing policy issues in America today as the country moves out of the pandemic. Urban Institute President Sarah Rosen Wartell joins Jennifer to discuss the country’s progress when it comes to affordable housing, the labor market, and racial inequity, as well as the role of government in enabling individuals to thrive.

16 Jun 2021

Alan Murray | Fortune Media

After leading a group of 100 CEOs to meet Pope Francis in 2016, Fortune committed to advancing social progress by uniting leading minds at its annual CEO Initiative. As Fortune continues its transition from a magazine into a platform for change, CEO Alan Murray joins host Jennifer Tescher to talk about the future of the initiative, the progress of capitalism, and the need for greater compassion in business.

26 May 2021

Martin Whittaker: How to Make a Just Company

Many financial companies have pledged resources to promote social good, but still struggle to leverage their own internal impact. In this episode of EMERGE Everywhere, JUST Capital CEO Martin Whittaker sits down with Jennifer to discuss his mission to help companies focus on the S in ESG, which includes investing in racial equity and employee financial wellness. Together, they discuss the importance of providing livable wages for employees and fostering inclusive workplace cultures, and how JUST Capital scores companies’ performance in ESG.

27 Jul 2021

Queer Financial Health: Checking the Pulse During the Pandemic

By Andy Bandyopadhyay, Head of Product, and Warren Dailey, Staff Accountant, Financial Health Network  As queer employees of the Financial Health Network, we are lucky to work at an organization that celebrates us and our families. But it’s not just about our experience in the workplace — our organization exists to improve financial health for...

23 Jul 2021

Is the “Great Resignation” Really a Great Re-prioritization?

By Matt Bahl, Vice President, Workplace, Financial Health Network In 1930, John Maynard Keynes famously predicted that by 2030, society would amass enough wealth to meet people’s basic needs and we’d be working 15-hour weeks, lamenting over how to spend the rest of our time in pursuit of deeper meaning and purpose.   I think most...

28 Jun 2021

Reducing the Impact of Healthcare Costs on FinHealth

By Adrienne White-Faines, Vice President, Market Lead Healthcare, Financial Health Network The healthcare system should be a destination to enhanced health and well-being – not increased stress and strain. But for too many Americans, the system inflicts financial hardship.  In June 2021, RIP Medical Debt, a national charity that eliminates medical debt through donations, bought...

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