EMERGE Everywhere Podcast

EMERGE Everywhere Podcast

Hosted by Jennifer Tescher, President and Chief Executive Officer

A new podcast featuring innovative leaders who are busting down silos to create an integrated financial health system for all.

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Latest Episodes

30 Jun 2021

Sarah Rosen Wartell | Urban Institute

Financial inequity and systemic racism are two of the most pressing policy issues in America today as the country moves out of the pandemic. Urban Institute President Sarah Rosen Wartell joins Jennifer to discuss the country’s progress when it comes to affordable housing, the labor market, and racial inequity, as well as the role of government in enabling individuals to thrive.

16 Jun 2021

Alan Murray | Fortune Media

After leading a group of 100 CEOs to meet Pope Francis in 2016, Fortune committed to advancing social progress by uniting leading minds at its annual CEO Initiative. As Fortune continues its transition from a magazine into a platform for change, CEO Alan Murray joins host Jennifer Tescher to talk about the future of the initiative, the progress of capitalism, and the need for greater compassion in business.

26 May 2021

Martin Whittaker: How to Make a Just Company

Many financial companies have pledged resources to promote social good, but still struggle to leverage their own internal impact. In this episode of EMERGE Everywhere, JUST Capital CEO Martin Whittaker sits down with Jennifer to discuss his mission to help companies focus on the S in ESG, which includes investing in racial equity and employee financial wellness. Together, they discuss the importance of providing livable wages for employees and fostering inclusive workplace cultures, and how JUST Capital scores companies’ performance in ESG.

12 May 2021

Gene Ludwig: Better Metrics for Better Solutions

Few people have had a career as dynamic and successful as Gene Ludwig. In this episode of EMERGE Everywhere, this Clinton administration alumnus, financial services CEO, entrepreneur, and nonprofit founder joins Jennifer to talk about his lifetime of dedication to addressing inequity. Together, they explore the need for more holistic measurements that capture the true story of what is happening for everyday Americans, and how policy changes can encourage productivity while helping to lift communities up.

21 Apr 2021

Roger Hochschild: Discover the Possibilities

In 1986, Discover introduced the concept of cashback rewards on a credit card with no annual fee, transforming the landscape of credit for good. No longer reserved for the privileged few, credit cards became an everyday tool in most wallets. In this episode, Jennifer sits down with Discover CEO and President Roger Hochschild to dig into his passion for helping the underserved. Find out how his company is backing its words with action to drive real social change and bring about a better future.

07 Apr 2021

Chris Smith: Reimagining Insurance for Financial Resilience

Although adequate insurance is a critical tool for financial resilience, only half of Americans are confident they would have sufficient coverage to manage an emergency. Research shows that this gap has only widened in recent years. In this episode, Jen talks to Chris Smith, Executive Vice President of Group Benefits at Guardian Life, about new opportunities to modernize the benefits experience and promote greater financial resiliency for all. Most people depend on their employers for access to insurance benefits, and Guardian has been bridging the gap to help people protect their future and secure their lives for more than 160 years. Today, the company serves 29 million people with life, disability, dental, and other insurance benefits for individuals, in workplaces, and through government-sponsored programs.

24 Mar 2021

Jimmy Chen: Modernizing the Social Safety Net

Often fintechs launch to tackle a big mission – like democratization of financial services, financial inclusion, or financial health. Get to know a fast-growing startup that’s also a for-profit company with investors and stakeholders to satisfy. In this episode, Jennifer talks to Jimmy Chen, founder and CEO of Propel, a software company that aims to fight poverty with technology. Jimmy shares the challenges his fintech faces in navigating the balancing act of growing a business, serving and earning the trust of its customers, and staying true to its financial health mission.

10 Mar 2021

Stephanie Cohen: The Business Case for Inclusion

Stephanie Cohen quickly rose through the ranks at Goldman Sachs to become one of the youngest members of the bank’s senior leadership, joining just a small handful of women at that level. In her new role overseeing consumer and wealth management for the organization, she shepherds a vision for diversity and inclusion that prioritizes broad consumer access to high-quality financial solutions. In this episode, Jennifer and Stephanie discuss how the bank is leveraging fintech and personalized solutions to meet diverse consumer needs, while empowering clients and customers to reach their financial goals.

24 Feb 2021

Marc Morial: Economic Justice for All

From his term as the 59th mayor of New Orleans to his nearly two decades leading the National Urban League, Marc Morial has been one of the country’s most influential advocates for civil rights. In this episode, Jennifer talks with Marc about important influences in his early life, why he feels building coalitions is like making gumbo, and how the National Urban League is continuing the important legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s campaign for economic justice.

10 Feb 2021

Dalila Wilson-Scott: Leveraging Media for Positive Change

How can a global powerhouse of media and technology best leverage its resources to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace and world? Newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer at Comcast NBCUniversal, Dalila Wilson-Scott, takes that challenge on every day, in addition to leading the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation and heading the company's community impact work. In this episode, Jennifer and Dalila discuss corporate responsibility, strategies for raising the bar on diversity and inclusion through policies and programs, and the role media can play in cultivating positive change.

27 Jan 2021

Alice Rodriguez: Putting Equity into Action

After a remarkable 30-plus year career at the largest U.S. bank, JPMorgan Chase, Alice Rodriguez was called upon to lead its recently announced $30 billion initiative providing economic opportunities for underserved communities, especially Black and Latinx communities, over the next five years as Head of Community Practices, Engagement and Inclusion. Daughter of an immigrant and current chairwoman for the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Alice shares insights about her perspective and goals for supporting underserved communities across the country.

13 Jan 2021

Judy Samuelson: The New Rules of Business

From her seat at The Aspen Institute, Judy Samuelson has led a 10-year campaign to disrupt Milton Friedman’s narrative that corporations solely exist to maximize shareholder value. The past two years have provided some watershed moments. In 2019, public statements from the Business Roundtable and World Economic Forum signalled corporate leaders were embracing stakeholder capitalism – a mission to serve customers, suppliers, workers, and communities, rather than solely shareholders. But 2020 has severely tested these principes, from the pandemic to racial unrest and political divisiveness. In the wake of all this, have CEOs’ actions supported their words? In this episode, Judy discusses how corporations have responded to current crises, what it means for the future of stakeholder capitalism, and how businesses can succeed in tomorrow’s economic and social landscape.

16 Dec 2020

Jennifer Tescher: Seeing the Silver Linings

In the final episode of the year, Financial Health Network President and CEO Jennifer Tescher takes a moment to look back on the engaging conversations she had with her guests and the three silver linings that emerged from this challenging year: a growing energy around stakeholder capitalism, racial equity, and empathy. This momentum offers a sense of hope for healing and transformation in the coming year. EMERGE Everywhere will be back in January 2021 with new episodes. Happy holidays!

09 Dec 2020

Dr. Richard Besser: A Prescription for Equity in Health

Health and financial health are inextricably intertwined. As income and wealth increase or decrease, so does physical well-being. This is especially apparent in underserved communities, which have disproportionately borne the financial and health impacts of COVID-19. The close connection between health and wealth underscores the need for cross-industry leaders to identify challenges and develop integrated solutions to support wellness. Dr. Richard Besser, president and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and former acting director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is one of the leading voices on health equity. In this episode, Jennifer talks with him about this connection, the challenges facing the American healthcare system, and how we can create a system that supports health and financial wellness for all.

18 Nov 2020

Lisa Marsh Ryerson: Problem-Solving through Partnership

AARP Foundation President Lisa Marsh Ryerson joins Jennifer to talk about the importance of partnerships to address the financial health needs of people as they age. In the midst of a global pandemic that is having an outsized impact on older people, forging these partnerships is more critical than ever. Listen in as they discuss the financial health, physical health, and racial disparities affecting older Americans, and how an integrated financial health ecosystem is key to finding solutions.

11 Nov 2020

Yanela Frias and Jamie Kalamarides: A Rock-Solid Path to Resilience

By offering robust benefits and resources, employers are ideally positioned to improve worker financial health while also improving their own bottom lines. One company that has integrated financial health into the workplace effectively is Prudential Financial. In this episode, host Jennifer Tescher explores the tools critical to build financial resilience with Prudential’s Yanela Frias, President of Retirement, and Jamie Kalamarides, President of Group Insurance.

28 Oct 2020

Jelena McWilliams: Banking with Empathy

For Jelena McWilliams, the mission of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – to maintain stability and public confidence in the nation's financial system – is a personal one. After immigrating to the U.S. with only $500, she put herself through undergraduate and law school to become one of the leading voices for financial inclusion. In this episode, Jelena shares with Jennifer what it’s like to head the FDIC during a time of such extreme economic hardship and uncertainty, revealing her keen sense of empathy for the challenges currently facing the most financially vulnerable Americans.

21 Oct 2020

Bill Bynum: HOPE for All

2020 has been anything but ordinary. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in record unemployment filings, long lines at food banks, and millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet. The Financial Health Network created the U.S. Financial Health Pulse in 2018 to provide an ongoing snapshot of the nation’s financial health, and this year, it offers a stark picture of the lopsided and inequitable impact of COVID-19 on communities across America. In this episode, Jennifer sits down with Bill Bynum, the CEO of HOPE, to get his thoughts on the country’s growing economic inequality and what we can do to facilitate opportunities for all, especially disenfranchised populations.

14 Oct 2020

Melvin Carter III: A Masterclass In Listening

Melvin Carter III is the 46th mayor and the first African American mayor of Saint Paul, the capital city of Minnesota. This year, his city has been impacted by the tragic murder of George Floyd, the resulting civil unrest, and the economic and personal hardships of the pandemic. In this episode, Jennifer talks with him about leading his community through this trying year, his advocacy for the working class, and his thoughts on how initiatives in Saint Paul can inspire other cities to focus on an integrated financial health system for all.

24 Sep 2020

Michael C. Bush: Building a 3D Workplace

For most of us, work takes up eight or more hours every weekday. Our jobs are more than just a source of income; they are often a central part of our identity and our lives. That’s why employers must see people in 3D to fully understand the need to enhance worker financial health and integrate it throughout their organizations. In this episode, Jennifer explores the importance of a supportive workplace – whether on-site or remote – with Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work®.

15 Sep 2020

Dan Schulman: Paying it Forward

President and CEO of PayPal Dan Schulman is a Black Belt silo buster. He joins Financial Health Network CEO Jennifer Tescher to talk about transforming PayPal into a customer-focused, stakeholder-oriented company. Listen in as Dan shares why PayPal’s most important stakeholders are its employees and reflects with Jen on the complexities of leading his team through escalating racial tensions and the uncertainty of a global pandemic.

15 Jul 2020

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We live in a world that is both more interconnected and more siloed than ever before. Meet the silo busters – the leaders who are unleashing creative new ways of doing business by seeing their customers, employees and communities in 3D. Be part of the conversation as Financial Health Network founder and CEO Jennifer Tescher engages with visionaries to uncover how they are creating connections, listening for nuance, and using newfound insights to build businesses, products and programs that create real value for all their stakeholders.


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We live in a world that is both more interconnected and more siloed than ever before. Meet the silo busters – the leaders who are unleashing creative new ways of doing business by seeing their customers, employees and communities in 3D. Be part of the conversation as Financial Health Network founder and CEO Jennifer Tescher engages with visionaries to uncover how they are creating connections, listening for nuance, and using newfound insights to build businesses, products and programs that create real value for all their stakeholders. 

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About the Host

About the Host

Jennifer Tescher is President and Chief Executive Officer of Financial Health Network. She founded the organization in 2004 to champion increased access to high-quality financial products and services for underserved consumers. Over two decades, she has cultivated a robust network of relationships to raise the profile of financial health. Jennifer is a recognized thought leader and participates as an advisory board member for several of the nation’s largest financial institutions, nonprofits and research organizations.

A native of Miami, Jennifer is a graduate of Northwestern University and holds an MPP from the University of Chicago. She lives in Chicago with her husband, bestselling author Jonathan Eig, and their children, Lillian, Lola, and Jeffery.

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