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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

By Amy Blacklock

Consumer debt and I had a thing. We started out on friendly terms. Early in our hookup, the fondness grew between us. Things got ugly a few years in.

You see, I kept believing I could handle the love affair. I probably could have, except I became too dependent on the relationship. Wanting each new high to bring me happiness.

Then debt began to expect way too much of me. I realize now it was my fault, thinking I could have my cake and eat it too. Yet, back then I did not understand this and debt’s demands just didn’t seem fair.

The romance became very one-sided. If I failed to pay attention to debt on his special day, he would get angry and even punish me a bit.

Deep in, the stress and worry became constant. I pondered how to keep this relationship from destroying me. Mentally and physically I suffered. I feared repercussions if I did not manage my interconnection with debt right.

I feared I was too far in with no way out. A few missteps and I may never recover. Debt’s demands on me were growing. I knew walking away was not an easy option. Yet, somehow I needed to dig deep and take back my life. It was vital to my health and my future.

My attention turned to ending the relationship with debt versus managing it. Debt was too good at the game, and I had lost the desire to play. I’d grown tired of his noise. It was time to find myself again and take back my life. Time for me to stop the struggle and stress, and time to focus on eliminating debt!

Reaching deep, I cinched my belt, sold off mementos of our relationship that no longer brought me joy and rid myself of his unnecessary baggage. Once I cleared the physical clutter, the mind clutter started clearing away too.

Today debt is out of my life. Out completely. I’ve never been happier or financially healthier. I’m thrilled! So thrilled in fact; I crafted a song on eliminating debt, with help from Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” — video below.

“Debt’s Out”

Well we had no choice
All the costs and bills
Makin too much noise
’Cause we bought new toys
Well we can’t afford ya
Can’t find a loan
If that don’t annoy ya
That’s a drag

Debt’s out for summer
Debt’s out forever
Debt’s been blown to pieces

No more payments
No more notes
No more loan shark’s dirty looks

Now we got no loans
And we got no stress
And we got no struggles
We can’t even think of a debt we miss

Debt’s out for summer
Debt’s out forever
Debt’s been blown to pieces

No more payments
No more notes
No more loan shark’s dirty looks

Gone for summer
Gone past fall
We won’t go back at all

Debt’s out for summer
Debt’s out forever
Debt’s been blown to pieces
Debt’s out completely

Eliminating Debt

Financial health to me means choosing yourself and your family over things; Eliminating debt and unnecessary stuff to focus on greater freedom and security, and strive for financial independence to care for ourselves and not burden others.

Breaking up with and eliminating debt takes time, but eventually, debt’s blown to pieces.

The Financial Health Network reports:

  • 23% of US households cannot save because they spend more than their income
  • 28% of US households are either unbanked or underbanked
  • 43% of Americans struggle to pay bills & credit payments
  • 57% of Americans are struggling financially

Let’s improve these numbers. Please share this post and get the word out. #FinHealthMatters

This blog post originally appeared June 27, 2017 on It was one of 10 winners of a national #FinHealthMatters Day essay contest created by Financial Health Network. MetLife Foundation  is a major sponsor of Financial Health Network’s ongoing consumer financial health work. Additional support for #FinHealthMatters Day and USFD provided by the Citi Foundation. To learn more about FinHealthMatters from Financial Health Network, sign up here.

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