Fiona Greig

Director of Consumer Research, JPMorgan Chase Institute

Fiona Greig is a Managing Director and the Director of Consumer Research at  the JPMorgan Chase Institute, which delivers data-rich analyses and expert  insights for the public good. She joined the Institute in 2014 after serving as  the Deputy Budget Director for the City of Philadelphia for two years. From  2007 to 2012, Fiona was a consultant for McKinsey & Company where she  consulted public and social sector clients on strategy, operations and  economic development. In 2009 Fiona started and ran Bank on DC, a financial  inclusion program for the District of Columbia.  

Fiona has published research on topics including household finance,  healthcare, labor markets and the Online Platform Economy, gender, and  behavioral decision making. Her work has been widely cited in the media,  including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, and CNBC. Fiona has  held adjunct professor appointments at the University of Pennsylvania and  Georgetown University and holds a B.A. from Stanford University and a Ph.D.  in Public Policy from Harvard University. 

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