Kristen Holt

President & Chief Executive Officer, GreenPath Financial Wellness

Kristen Holt is the President & CEO of GreenPath Financial Wellness. She believes that financial wellness is a cornerstone of people’s ability to achieve their full potential, and that improved access to better financial tools and services will improve the lives of all Americans and can be achieved through collaboration, networked communities and human-centered design.

Kristen’s career leading global corporate enterprises prepared her for the financial wellness work of GreenPath. She is experienced in management, partnerships, human-centered design processes and collaborative methodologies. Her leadership sets a tone of integrity, compassion and a deep commitment to positive change in the world.

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Join us to hear how financial industry leaders have secured stakeholder buy-in to build financial health strategies, ensured employees understand and can rally behind a shared finhealth vision, and integrated financial health as part of their organizational culture.


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