Vladimir E. Medenica

Research Consultant, GenForward Survey

Vladimir Enrique Medenica is a Research Consultant for the GenForward Survey and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science & International Relations at the University of Delaware where he studies how race and ethnicity shape the attitudes, experiences, and behavior of young adults. His work has been published or appeared in peer-reviewed journals, edited volumes, as well as popular media outlets like The Washington Post, The Hill, and NPR. Vladimir received his Ph.D. in Politics and Social Policy from Princeton University.

Sessions and Workshops

The Financial Lives of Young Adults: Exploring Disparities by Race and Ethnicity

Despite being the most diverse group in the nation’s history, today’s young adults are often viewed as a monolithic group. A detailed look at their financial health tells a different story, however. Join us to explore key findings from the recently released report “Race, Ethnicity, and the Financial Lives of Young Adults,” along with solutions that can dismantle systemic barriers and improve financial health for all. 


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