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04 Jan 2018

Sriracha and Superglue: Sometimes A Little Can Go a Long Way

By Tanya Ladha and Rachel Schneider, Financial Health Network Maybe you’ve been there — you break a dish, clean down the middle. You find the superglue, carefully squeeze a small stream of the potent liquid on either side of the break, and patiently hold for the allotted 90 seconds. When you move to place the mended dish...

20 Sep 2017

#FinHealthMatters: Financial Panther

By The Financial Panther I like to think that I’m pretty financially healthy. At 30 years old, I’m in a fairly unique position. I’m currently debt free after paying off nearly six figures worth of student loans in just a few years. I’ve got a sizable emergency fund that should cover me in the event...

19 Sep 2017

#FinHealthMatters: Surviving and Thriving

By Donna Freedman (FinCon and the Center for Financial Services Innovation are sponsoring a writing contest: “In 500 words, explain what financial health means to you.” Here are my thoughts.) My journey to financial health was entirely roundabout, and I didn’t get there until middle age. Financial survival, not financial health, was the focus of...

17 Sep 2017

#FinHealthMatters: Lindsey B. Goodwin

By Lindsey B. Goodwin In 2013, a year when our family’s combined income put us in the top 5% of earners constituting America’s wealthy class, we found ourselves strapped for cash and debt-ridden. I had no idea that we were even considered more than middle class, as we outspent what we made each month and...

12 Sep 2017

#FinHealthMatters: Investing To Thrive

By Julie Rains This article is inspired by Financial Health Matters Day (#FinHealthMatters). This article may contain affiliate links; there’s a possibility I could earn income when you click through one of these links and sign up for an account, make a purchase, etc. This article is written for entertainment purposes only and should not...

05 Sep 2017

#FinHealthMatters: LifeZemplified

By Amy Blacklock Consumer debt and I had a thing. We started out on friendly terms. Early in our hookup, the fondness grew between us. Things got ugly a few years in. You see, I kept believing I could handle the love affair. I probably could have, except I became too dependent on the relationship....

29 Aug 2017

#FinHealthMatters: Runnymede Capital Management

By Andrew Wang, Runnymede Capital Management We all “get” physical health. There are 15 gyms within a 2-mile radius of my house. Even the bag of corn chips on my desk is trying to convince me that it’s healthy — natural, organic, non-GMO. But we know better. We know that we need to exercise regularly and should...

22 Aug 2017

#FinHealthMatters: Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners

By Natalia Joaquin, Neighborhood Trust Financial Partners #FinHealthMatters to Latino Families Like Mine On this #FinHealthMatters Day, I don’t need this astonishing recent report to understand that white households have six times the wealth of Latino families, or that white wealth is growing 20% faster than for Latinos. I saw it for myself when I was...

14 Aug 2017

#FinHealthMatters: Military Families Learning Network

By Dr. Barbara O’Neill In 1999, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After 10 months of treatment, my doctor described my physical health status as NED, which is doctor-speak for No Evidence of Disease. The same acronym can be applied to financial health: No Evidence of Distress. Financially healthy people with financial well-being are comfortable...


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