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Bank-Fintech Partnership Powers Financial Health

Join Rochelle Gorey, CEO and Co-Founder of SpringFour, and Ben Schack, Head of U.S. Digital Partnerships for BMO Financial Group, as they discuss their innovative financial health partnership. Learn how this award-winning social impact fintech and multinational bank teamed up to solve problems and deliver assistance for customers through the pandemic and beyond. Discover the impact of their efforts on their employees and brands, and consider tips for successful fintech-bank partnerships.


Rising to Meet The Challenge: Innovative Solutions for Workers and Students

Join us to learn how these innovators responded to the challenge, found ways to scale their offerings to meet the pressing financial health needs of the moment, and forged pathways to drive impact post-pandemic. We’ll also introduce attendees to the Financial Solutions Lab Accelerator’s new cohort of fintech startups, as we explore innovations that are helping consumers to build financial resilience and long-term stability.



11 May 2021

How Embedded Finance Can Improve Financial Health Outcomes

By Mimi Joy, Director The use of embedded financial products, the offering of financial services products by nonbanks, increased dramatically during the pandemic. Often seen as a strong customer retention tool, and fueled by an explosion in digital commerce, the integration of payments, credit, and insurance products into digital platforms was a natural for a...

30 Mar 2021

In Their Words: What Older Adults Struggling Financially Need

By Farah Manjiyani, Manager, Financial Health Network Despite the recent stimulus, increased vaccinations, and gathering momentum of reopenings across the country, millions are still struggling with their financial health. Ongoing economic uncertainty, job loss, and physical health concerns have caused many to shift financial priorities just to stay afloat. In the Financial Health Network’s latest...

29 Mar 2021

Financial Wellness for Employees: Insights from Five Fintechs

Employer-channel fintechs play an increasingly crucial role in supporting employees’ financial health through products like low-cost loans, and financial coaching. The Financial Solutions Lab partnered with the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis to examine the uptake, usage, and impact of five companies: Brightside, HoneyBee, Manifest, MedPut, and Onward.

11 Jan 2021

Fintech Innovation Leader Joins the Financial Health Network

By Jennifer Tescher, President and CEO, Financial Health Network Through our innovation work via the Financial Solutions Lab, we’ve reached more than 5 million low- to moderate-income consumers (and 10 million consumers in total) to date with solutions to improve their financial health. Innovation is at the heart of the Financial Health Network’s mission, fueling...

24 Aug 2020

It’s the Organizational Siloes, Not Just the IT Stacks, that Are Sidelining Innovation

By Corey Stone Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Financial Health Network Now more than ever, consumers want and need tools that can help improve their financial health. While fintechs and other innovators have developed a new generation of personal finance tools, banks and credit unions have not yet adopted them widely. Banks already have the customer relationships, the data...


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