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20 Apr 2021 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM CT

Earned Wage Access and Direct-to-Consumer Advances: Usage Insights and Policy Implications

Join this webinar to learn how consumers are using Earned Wage Access (EWA) and Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) Advance products to bridge gaps between earning and accessing income; gain data-driven insights to guide key decisions in a showcase of findings from our recent consumer usage research; and discuss the ongoing policy debate and explore diverse perspectives.



30 May 2019

Scaling Innovative Solutions to Improve Financial Health: The Financial Solutions Lab

Despite a strong economy and low unemployment, the U.S. Financial Health Pulse shows more than half of Americans are struggling to pay their bills, save and remain financially stable. The problem is most acute for low-income individuals. Five years ago, the Financial Health Network launched the Financial Solutions Lab (FinLab) in partnership with JPMorgan Chase...

14 Jan 2019

Financial Retronovation #1: Earmarking Income

By Corey Stone, Entrepreneur in Residence, Financial Health Network Unless they have time to kill, on-street parkers who forget to bring enough change for the meter place themselves in a land of limited options. They can keep their appointment, but risk a parking ticket, or they can run in search of change and be late....

07 Dec 2018

A Sharing of Ideas: How cross-country exchanges can foster innovation

By Brenton Peck, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network Pictured: Joonsang Ahn, Hyuncha Choe, Kelcey Hwang, Soohyun Jung, Jongik Lee, Sera Park, Brenton Peck and Krishna Thacker A Sharing of Ideas: How cross-country exchanges can foster innovation Technology has given us new tools to communicate, share experiences and learnings, and collaborate. A physical trip to another...

18 Oct 2018

The Riddle of Overdrafting

By Corey Stone, Entrepreneur in Residence, Financial Health Network  My last two posts highlighted a subset of consumers who struggle at the ends of the month: the 9 percent of checking account-holders who overdraft more than 10 times per year and who pay four-fifths of the $15 billion in overdraft and NSF fees banks collect...

01 Aug 2018

The Ends of the Month: A Blog Series

By Corey Stone, Entrepreneur in Residence, Financial Health Network For over 25 years I worked in the consumer payments and credit businesses — first as a management consultant, then as a payments technology executive. During that time I became increasingly uneasy about how the infrastructure we provided was serving the consumers who used it to construct their...

08 May 2018

Product Innovation to Meet Customer Demand: 5 Tips For Your Institution

By Mindy Hauptman, Managing Director, Consulting Services, Financial Health Network Ready to tackle product innovations in order to improve your customers’ financial health? Financial Health Network Consulting Services is here to help. Request a consultation today. Innovative products result in happy customers, and customer satisfaction drives business. According to CFI Group’s Bank Satisfaction Barometer, products...

28 Feb 2018

It’s On: FinLab Launches Fourth Challenge

$250K for each selected startup The Financial Solutions Lab — managed by Financial Health Network with founding Lab partner JPMorgan Chase & Co. — is excited to announce that applications are open for our fourth Innovation Challenge. Selected companies and nonprofits will each receive a $250,000 investment as well as unparalleled access to resources that can help them grow. For...

23 Oct 2017

Startups: Win Your Way to Money20/20

Money20/20 is the world’s largest marketplace for ideas, connections and deals in Payments and Financial Services. It’s where leaders — representing every sector of the industry — come to seize new business opportunities, strengthen partnerships and discover the latest disruptions. With 11,000+ attendees — including more than 1,700 CEOs and Presidents from a whopping 4,500 companies and 85 countries — Money20/20 brings together...

23 Oct 2017

Financial Health Startups Win Their Way to Money20/20

Each autumn, the financial services industry gears up for Money20/20. As one of the largest conferences for payments and financial services innovation in the world, the event represents a major opportunity for both incumbents and innovators to showcase their work. For the past two years, Financial Health Network has sponsored a scholarship contest — made possible by...


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