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11 May 2021

Moving Beyond the Aggregate: The Financially Underserved Market Size Study Evolves To Become the FinHealth Spend Report

By Meghan Greene, Director It is an oft-repeated adage that “it’s expensive to be poor” because it’s true. People with higher incomes and good credit pay significantly less for many essential financial services than lower-income families. What’s more, Black and Latinx populations have historically been locked out from access to affordable services. But it has...

02 Aug 2018

The Varied Financial Health Needs of Underserved Entrepreneurs

Financial Health Network welcomes Gina Harman and Luz Urrutia as guest bloggers. Gina currently serves on Financial Health Network’s board of directors and Luz is a past member of Financial Health Network board of directors. Guest post co-authored by: Gina Harman, CEO, U.S. Network, Accion Luz Urrutia, CEO, Opportunity Fund As mission-based small business lenders,...

12 Jul 2018

Worth the Time: Designing Financial Services to Reduce Time Poverty

By Karen Andres Vice President, Financial Health Network Anyone who has heard the words “terminal,” “no cure,” or “palliative care” in a doctor’s office will remember everything about that moment. When I heard those words a decade ago about my 57-year-old mother, I immediately felt like I had been hit over the head by a...

01 Dec 2017

The Financially Underserved Market: What Drives A $173 Billion Opportunity?

Building financial health can be a challenge for financially underserved consumers. What products address their needs in this evolving marketplace? To learn more about the underserved market opportunity, download Financial Health Network’s 2017 Financially Underserved Market Size Study. How did financially underserved consumers borrow, spend, save, and plan in 2016? From the increased prevalence of...

24 Aug 2016

Re-Defining an Awards Strategy: Opportunity Finance Network

By Financial Health Network Consulting Putting Low-Income Consumers First With the Help of Financial Health Network’s Knowledge More than 68 million low-income Americans don’t get the financial services they need. It’s this market gap that prompted the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN), a network of community development financial institutions to turn to the Center for Financial...


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