Sessions and Workshops

23 Jun 2021 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM CT


In this session, hear perspectives from other companies already measuring financial health – the tools they use, and the ways they turn the data into action and impact.

21 Oct 2020

Measurement for Underserved Populations

How we cut and evaluate data matters. What are the right questions to ask and demographics to examine? Join us for a discussion on how to use measurement to highlight the financial health gaps and needs of underserved populations.

21 Oct 2020

Tools to Measure Financial Health

Measuring financial health doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to be effective. Hear about a new product from the Financial Health Network that makes it easier than ever to understand where your customers are succeeding and struggling financially.

21 Oct 2020

Unlocking Insights from Customer Data

We have more data about our customers’ financial lives than ever before, but how do we use these insights to understand and support their financial health? Our experts dive into how to unlock insights from customer data to understand pain points, build solutions, and improve their financial outcomes.



12 Jun 2018

Introducing the Financial Health Network Financial Health Score™ Toolkit

At its annual EMERGE conference in Los Angeles, CA last week, Financial Health Network publicly released the Financial Health Network Financial Health Score™ Toolkit, a resource to help financial service providers diagnose, track, and ultimately improve their customers’ financial health. While the Toolkit has been available to Financial Health Network members since last October, this...

14 Sep 2017

Are You in the Financial Health Business?

By Jennifer Tescher, CEO of Financial Health Network Whether they yet realize it or not, banks and other financial services companies are in the financial health business. That means they are in business to help their customers develop a strong day-to-day financial system that makes them resilient in the face of challenges and enables them...

31 Mar 2017

Beyond Financial “Inclusion”: Why Language Matters in the Drive toward Social Justice

By Elizabeth Vivirito, Financial Health Network For years, the global and United States financial inclusion communities have worked in parallel, employing slightly different strategies and metrics of success in their aim to build markets that include all people — especially the most vulnerable. More recently the global financial inclusion sector has been focusing on both education about...

31 Aug 2016

That Moment your Idea of Community Expands

All children are “our” children. Financial shocks affect millions of children’s lives. Over 48 million children live in financially struggling households; 38% of these families don’t have savings habits. Financial Health Network has been dedicated to raising awareness around America’s children, publishing research to support the efforts. And this summer, we invited Bob Putnam, author...

11 Aug 2016

EMERGE 2016: Jennifer Tescher’s Big Idea

The following is a transcript from Jennifer Tescher’s Big Idea at the EMERGE 2016 Forum in New Orleans. I don’t know about you, but as a frequent flyer, those announcements when you get on the airplane about “put on your seatbelt”, or “no smoking in the lavatory”, those just sort of wash over me at...

15 Jun 2016

Announcing 7 Companies Measuring Financial Health

By Thea Garon, Senior Manager, Financial Health Network Financial Health Network is pleased to announce the launch of the Financial Health Beta Project, an initiative designed to help providers measure and improve their customers’ financial health. From June to December 2016, participating companies will use Financial Health Network’s 8 financial health indicators to measure and...

12 Nov 2015

Not Just Child’s Play: Why the financial services industry can — and should — support children’s well-being

By Josh Sledge, Director, Financial Health Network This blog originally appeared on on November 11, 2015. When we traditionally think of the industries that can help promote successful outcomes for children, the financial services industry doesn’t generally make the list. However, financial service providers can actually play an important and constructive role in children’s...


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