26 Feb 2020

Old Tricks, New Hat — Helping Americans Save in New Places

By Tanya Ladha, Senior Director at Financial Health Network Saving money is hard. So hard, in fact, that experts and academics have spent decades studying human behavior in an effort to make it easier for us, designing tricks and hacks that help us save — automating savings (think 401k retirement plans, created for us to set-it-and-forget-it), turning...

09 Jan 2020

Etsy Gets Creative: Helping Sellers Build Emergency Savings

By Chandni Ohri, Director, Financial Health Network In October 2019, Etsy signed on to BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative as one of the inaugural partners because they recognize the challenge and importance of emergency savings for their sellers. Emergency savings is one of the building blocks to improving financial health. In fact, the recent U.S. Financial...

03 Oct 2019

Announcing the Inaugural Partners: BlackRock’s Emergency Savings Initiative

By John Thompson, Chief Program Officer, Financial Health Network Solving the U.S. savings epidemic requires cross-industry partnership and a long view towards better stability for millions. Earlier this year, the Financial Health Network joined forces with BlackRock and fellow nonprofit leaders Commonwealth and Common Cents Lab to make a sizable effort in addressing the nation’s...

30 Aug 2019

“Keep the Change”: How Bank of America Pioneered Roundup Savings

By John Thompson, Chief Program Officer, Financial Health Network A main goal of the BlackRock Emergency Savings Initiative is to build and integrate better savings tools to help individuals, especially those with low-to moderate-income, save. My team at the Financial Health Network has done extensive research on the current savings crisis to better understand the...

12 Jun 2019

Retronovation #4: Compartmentalizing Emergency Savings

By Corey Stone, Entrepreneur in Residence, Financial Health Network When it comes to saving and borrowing, our financial system sends conflicting messages. An example: Many banks offer tips on building an emergency savings fund to buffer against loss of employment, a period of disability, or large unexpected expenses; and they offer promotional rates on CDs...

04 Jun 2019

Why Savings Interventions Are Important

By John Thompson, Chief Program Officer, Financial Health Network People living in America do not have enough saved and are not saving enough. In May, the Federal Reserve Bank noted that most Americans don’t even have $400 available for an emergency, and this is especially true for half of low- to moderate-income Americans. But is...

12 Sep 2016

Financial Education Isn’t a Fix-All

By Joshua Sledge, Director, Financial Health Network After a relaxing Labor Day weekend, I settled back into work last Tuesday morning by scanning for industry news. Everywhere I looked — my Twitter feed, the company Slack channel, Google News — I kept seeing the same article pop up with a thought-provoking headline: “Sex ed is required. Why isn’t financial...


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