28 Mar 2019

Financial Health and Higher Education: The Power of Assessing Student Financial Health

By Tanya Ladha, Director, Financial Health Network More than twenty million people living in America are pursuing higher education as an investment in their future. Higher education has long been a symbol of mobility and possibility in this country, however, too many students are struggling financially, navigating complicated and fragile economic lives. And these financial...

14 Aug 2018

3 Tips for Managing Student Loans as an Entrepreneur

By John Hammond, StartU Today marks the 3rd annual #FinHealthMatters day; an event started by the Center for Financial Services Innovation to draw attention to the 57% of Americans — approximately 138 million adults — that are struggling financially today. This year’s theme is student health; emphasizing the financial health of college students in America today. At StartU, this...

14 Aug 2018

Saving Money For College Does More Than Pay Tuition #FinHealthMatters

By Lily from The Frugal Gene The Teen Years Saving your own money for college does a lot more than just paying the tuition. Spending your own money teaches you about the value of money, provides a safety net, and gives you a preview of the working world. I’ll tell you my experience of going to...

07 Aug 2018

What I Wish I Knew About Student Loan Debt That I Know Now

By Justine, from Debt Free Millennials Forget student loan debt. When I think about my college experience, it’s filled with memories of purple everything, late night study sessions at Hale Library, $2 You-Call-Its at O’Malley’s, and being flat broke. Me and my girls. All purple. Cheap beer. K-State Wildcats. And dirt poor! I was clueless...

24 Jul 2018

5 Rebellious Student Loan Acts – Why #FinHealthMatters

By Carmen Make Real Cents Have you seen those “priceless” MasterCard commercials? The ones that highlight sentimental moments like “seeing her smile” or “watching their first steps” are “priceless,” then end with “but for everything else there’s MasterCard.” That’s how I felt the day I walked across the stage to get my degree- priceless. It...

25 May 2018

Shining a Spotlight on Student Financial Health

#FinHealthMatters Day 2018 April 25, 2018 was the third annual #FinHealthMatters Day. Each year, #FinHeathMatters Day brings attention to Americans’ financial health through a thunderclap of social media activity, news stories, blogs, podcasts and more. Over the past years we have seen 240+ blogs posted, 2,500+ influencers tweeting nearly 6,000 times, and ultimately, close to 27...

24 Apr 2018

For Students, Financial Health is About More Than Money

By Tanya Ladha, Senior Director, Financial Health Network Last year I sat down with some students from local community colleges in New York, where I live. We were scheduled to spend time together discussing how their financial lives affect their academic success. As you might imagine, the conversation veered all over the place as the...

04 Aug 2016

That Moment Your Research Breaks Through

What financial providers need to know about young adults. What if we reached young people at the moment they’re primed to to absorb financial education — a moment like their first paycheck? What if we used that moment to capture people’s attention, and we allow them to open that account to help get started? MyPath, a San...


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