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FinHealth for Workforces: Learn What Works
Leading experts and HR practitioners share their experiences designing finhealth solutions that effectively address a wide range of employee needs and business goals.

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07 Apr 2021

Using Data to Design Workplace FinHealth Solutions

Understanding the needs of your employees is the first step in creating effective employee financial health programs. Learn how Humana built its Wellbeing Snapshot to provide leaders with a 360-degree view of associate well-being and how the firm uses that data to inform the design of its financial health programs.

07 Apr 2021

Ask the Experts: Day 1 Interactive Roundtable and Closing Remarks

Join some of the experts from our amazing Day 1 lineup for an interactive roundtable on workplace financial health. As audience members, you will drive the conversation. Our experts will respond to your follow-up questions on prior sessions or any other pressing workplace finhealth topics on your mind.


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29 Mar 2021

Financial Wellness for Employees: Insights from Five Fintechs

Employer-channel fintechs play an increasingly crucial role in supporting employees’ financial health through products like low-cost loans, and financial coaching. The Financial Solutions Lab partnered with the Social Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis to examine the uptake, usage, and impact of five companies: Brightside, HoneyBee, Manifest, MedPut, and Onward.


Equity Compensation: A Path to Employee Financial Wellness

Employers are increasingly looking at equity compensation programs as a way to promote employee financial wellness. How can equity compensation strategy influence holistic employee financial health in a post-COVID world? Morgan Stanley at Work's Rodney Bolden and Andrew Lendnal discuss this important topic in an exclusive EMERGE Workplace video.

06 Oct 2020

What Gets Measured Gets Managed: Making Employee Financial Health Personal

By Matt Bahl Vice President, Market Lead Workplace, Financial Health Network Recently, the Financial Health Network entered into a new collaborative partnership with PayPal, JUST Capital, and the Good Jobs Institute to encourage the nation’s largest employers to prioritize employee financial health. This initiative, the Worker Financial Wellness Initiative, centers around a simple, yet often...

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