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Planning for Transformation in Workplace FinHealth
Prepare for what comes next with guidance from leading experts in employment and human resources as we discuss the critical relationship between business innovation and financial health.

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08 Apr 2021

How Comcast Built an HR Innovation Hub

Comcast takes a proactive approach to driving innovation through HR. In this session, learn how they’re using data, employee personas, and a “test-and-learn” culture to create a hub of innovation within the business.

08 Apr 2021

Driving Equitable Financial Health Outcomes

Has your company considered how diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) commitments apply to employee financial health outcomes? Learn how HR and DEI leaders are furthering equitable outcomes by applying a DEI lens to their employee finhealth initiatives.

08 Apr 2021

FinHealth on Main Street: Small Business Workplace Innovation

Even with limited scale and resources, small and mid-sized businesses can still empower the financial health of their employees. Join a conversation with nonprofit social enterprise and community development financial institution, Pacific Community Ventures, about tools and opportunities for workplace finhealth innovation.

08 Apr 2021

Ask the Experts: Day 2 Interactive Roundtable and Closing Remarks

Join some of the experts from our amazing Day 2 lineup for an interactive roundtable on workplace financial health. As audience members, you will drive the conversation. Our experts will respond to your follow-up questions on prior sessions or any other pressing workplace finhealth topics on your mind.


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Equity Compensation: A Path to Employee Financial Wellness

Employers are increasingly looking at equity compensation programs as a way to promote employee financial wellness. How can equity compensation strategy influence holistic employee financial health in a post-COVID world? Morgan Stanley at Work's Rodney Bolden and Andrew Lendnal discuss this important topic in an exclusive EMERGE Workplace video.

29 Mar 2021

The Worker Financial Wellness Initiative – Making Workers’ Financial Security and Health a C-Suite Priority

JUST Capital and PayPal, in collaboration with the Financial Health Network and the Good Jobs Institute, have established a new initiative to make workers’ financial security and health a C-suite and investor priority. The organizations are calling on the CEOs of America’s largest companies to conduct a Worker Financial Wellness Assessment as a vital first...

16 Nov 2020

Good Jobs Matter: Worker Financial Health During COVID-19

By Karla Henriquez Senior Associate COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans, resulting in higher unemployment than the Great Recession. Many of these workers have lost not only the financial security of a paycheck, but also the health benefits that often accompany a full-time job. Therefore, it...

01 Dec 2020

Good Jobs Matter: Improving Job Quality for Low-Income Workers

By Karla Henriquez Senior Associate This is a continuation of our Good Jobs Matter series, exploring “good jobs” and financial health. See the first blog in the series here. Which job qualities are most important for improving a worker’s financial health? As it turns out, wages matter, but so do benefits. For all workers, employee...

06 Jan 2021

Good Jobs Matter: Investing in Worker Financial Health

By Karla Henriquez, Senior Associate and Beth Brockland, Senior Director Throughout our “Good Jobs Matter” blog series, we have explored the relationship between good jobs and financial health, particularly for low-income workers. But for employers committed to supporting worker financial health, investing in job quality is only part of the solution. In this final installment...

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