Financial Lives After 50: Rethinking the Golden Years

More than 56 million low- to moderate-income adults in America are over the age of 50, with 13 million of them considered Financially Vulnerable.

Step into their homes to learn firsthand about their daily joys and struggles as they navigate their financial lives in their golden years. This video series offers an intimate look at their challenges, including savings shortfalls, debt burdens, medical shocks, and multigenerational households.

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Financial Lives After 50: Rethinking the Golden Years

Financial Lives Episode 1: When Fixed Incomes Fall Short

Pay for your medication or buy dinner? Many older adults living on fixed incomes have to make daily trade-offs like these, even if they’re able to supplement their steady paychecks or Social Security checks. This episode provides a glimpse into life on a fixed income, where constant budgeting doesn’t guarantee you can afford basics like groceries. Explore the realities of life for those who have officially retired and others who are still working and struggling to afford life in their later years.


Financial Lives Episode 2: All in the Family

Sharing a home with grandchildren, parents, or children is a familiar story these days, as more people over 50 find themselves living in multigenerational households. From helping with rent to pitching in with childcare, the benefits can be immeasurable – but having multiple generations under one roof isn’t always easy. This episode takes a step inside the joys and challenges that come with this dynamic living situation.


Financial Lives Episode 3: The Caregiver Conundrum

Chronic healthcare issues are not only challenging for the people diagnosed, but for the loved ones taking care of them. These emotional and financial challenges grow exponentially when medical coverage and healthcare-related debt enter the picture. This episode takes you inside the lives of three families experiencing the challenges of caregiving and attempting to navigate countless financial roadblocks as they plan for an uncertain future.


Financial Lives Episode 4: A Shock to the System

Financial emergencies following a health scare are becoming increasingly common. Unexpected hospital stays or a sudden illness or injury can wipe out savings, leaving many people unable to afford day-to-day expenses. In some cases, medical issues can force people into early retirement, cutting off potential earnings for years to come. This episode provides a glimpse into life after medical shocks and the difficulties older adults face as they try to bounce back financially.


Financial Lives Episode 5: When Retirement Won’t Work

Once upon a time, retirement meant a paid-off house, a solid financial cushion, and time to relax. This episode explores how older adults approaching retirement today often find themselves unprepared financially and worried about what their future will actually look like. As for those who have already retired, the reality is often starkly different from the retirement they once imagined.


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