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21 Oct 2020

Unlocking Insights from Customer Data

We have more data about our customers’ financial lives than ever before, but how do we use these insights to understand and support their financial health? Our experts dive into how to unlock insights from customer data to understand pain points, build solutions, and improve their financial outcomes.

21 Oct 2020

Tools to Measure Financial Health

Measuring financial health doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming to be effective. Hear about a new product from the Financial Health Network that makes it easier than ever to understand where your customers are succeeding and struggling financially.

21 Oct 2020

Measurement for Underserved Populations

How we cut and evaluate data matters. What are the right questions to ask and demographics to examine? Join us for a discussion on how to use measurement to highlight the financial health gaps and needs of underserved populations.


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21 Oct 2020

Bill Bynum: HOPE for All

2020 has been anything but ordinary. The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in record unemployment filings, long lines at food banks, and millions of Americans struggling to make ends meet. The Financial Health Network created the U.S. Financial Health Pulse in 2018 to provide an ongoing snapshot of the nation’s financial health, and this year, it offers a stark picture of the lopsided and inequitable impact of COVID-19 on communities across America. In this episode, Jennifer sits down with Bill Bynum, the CEO of HOPE, to get his thoughts on the country’s growing economic inequality and what we can do to facilitate opportunities for all, especially disenfranchised populations.

24 Aug 2020

Building Valuable Customer Relationships Through Financial Health

COVID-19 is adding immense pressure to the already precarious financial health of many Americans, reinforcing the important role of banks and credit unions in helping customers build financial resilience. But while the vast majority of customers expect their primary financial institutions (PFIs) to help improve their financial health, few believe their PFIs are actually doing...


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