What Banks Need from Their Technology Stack to Support Consumer Financial Health

September 9th, 1:00pm - 2:00pm CT

This webinar hosted by the Financial Health Network, in partnership with the Kresge Foundation, explores the findings from its recently released report on the relationship between bank tech stacks and consumer finances, featuring perspectives from MDC and MX.

  • Can banktech pave new roads to financial wellness for consumers?
  • How has the evolution of digital banking unlocked new finhealth innovations?
  • Which technology trends are driving the future of personal finance?

Featured Speakers:

  • Erin Caldwell, Director of Client Voice, MX
  • Jeff Kline, President and Chief Executive Officer, MEMBERS Development Company
  • Corey Stone, Entrepreneur in Residence, Financial Health Network
  • Moderator: Laura Cummings, Director, Financial Health Network
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